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The Sovereign State Cloud in the Principality of Monaco

Le Cloud souverain d’État en Principauté de Monaco

Monaco Cloud: The Sovereign State Cloud of the Principality of Monaco

Since its inauguration, Monaco Cloud , created as part of the Extended Monaco program, has become an indispensable tool for the Monegasque digital economy. Together with 5G coverage, 10 Giga fiber equipment and the deployment of digital identity, Monaco Cloud has positioned Monaco as a nation of digital excellence.

A Revolutionary Sovereign Cloud

HSH Prince Albert II, during the presentation of Monaco Cloud, expressed his pride in seeing Monaco become the first country in Europe to benefit from a sovereign State Cloud. This achievement has greatly contributed to the economic attractiveness of the Principality and the quality of life of its residents.

A unique tool in Europe

Thanks to Monaco Cloud, Monegasque companies and international investors have an unparalleled value proposition:

  • Unprecedented performance, thanks to collaboration with world leaders in the technology sector.
  • Enhanced security, with constant monitoring to prevent cyberattacks.
  • Digital sovereignty, with data stored exclusively in Monaco and Monegasque shareholders.
  • Proximity to guaranteed services.

A forward-looking vision

Monaco, thanks to its sovereign Cloud, is positioned at the forefront of digital development. This initiative allows Monaco to overcome its geographical constraints and deploy its economic influence beyond its borders.

A premium, versatile, scalable and easily accessible offer

Monaco's sovereign cloud offering allows Monegasque and international companies to access a range of innovative services, such as virtual machines, storage and backup. In addition, Monaco Cloud offers a selection of software (digital safe, electronic archiving system, ERP solution, etc.).

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