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12 months of Google Ads Advertising Management

  • Audit of the most relevant keywords in your sector
  • Analysis of the competition and their presence
  • Creating or redesigning a Google Ads account
  • Account setup with identity verification
  • Configuration and structuring of 8 to 10 campaigns on the search network
  • Setting up 16-20 ad groups
  • Configuring 32 to 40 ads
  • Setting up a Performance Max campaign with retargeting and Google Shopping
  • Creating sitelinks
  • Creating ad extensions
  • Creating callout extensions
  • Creating location extensions
  • Creating phone extensions

Monitoring and optimizations:

  • Daily monitoring and optimization of campaigns
  • Data analysis
  • Cost per click adjustment
  • Adjustment of costs per purchase
  • Monthly exclusions of irrelevant search terms
  • Monthly performance report

Minimum recommended advertising budget: €2,500 per month

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