Financing for the digital transition in Monaco | Blue Fund - Octopus Media Monaco

In the Principality of Monaco

Eligibility for the Monaco Blue Fund

The company

  • Have an active RCI in the Principality
  • Justify your real activity
  • Be registered on the Monegasque government platform

Digital Projects

  • Digitization, Dematerialization, Optimization of web platform
  • Increase visibility on the internet, increase sales, create a Click and Collect
  • Implement new software, Increase productivity
  • New business models based on digital


  • Information on the digital maturity diagnostic tool
  • Complete the online service form with all the supporting documents

Octopus Media Monaco assists you in compiling your complete file, thus maximizing your financing potential.

  • A Blue Fund commission will meet to study your file

Disbursement of funds

If accepted, you will be informed of the proportion of financing by the Monaco Blue Fund, between 30% and 70% of your project.
The payment will take place in two parts:

50% at the launch of the project, upon presentation of the quote from Octopus Media Monaco
50% after finalization of the project, upon presentation of the invoice from Octopus Media Monaco

Octopus Media Monaco, specialized in digitalization, supports you in financing and setting up your digital development.

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