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Support for digital businesses and sustainable initiatives in Monaco

1.Smart City Monaco

Monaco is striving to become a Smart City by integrating information and communication technologies to improve the quality of life of its residents and optimize resource management. Projects such as electric mobility, energy efficiency and waste management are at the heart of this initiative, which aims to make Monaco a sustainable and connected city.

2. The rise of digital start-ups and SMEs

The Principality of Monaco encourages the development of start-ups and SMEs in the digital sector by offering them a favorable environment. Mechanisms such as MonacoTech and the Blue Fund support entrepreneurs and companies by providing them with the resources necessary to innovate and develop in a competitive context.

3. The energy transition

Monaco is firmly committed to the energy transition by encouraging initiatives aimed at reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The installation of solar panels, the optimization of public lighting and the promotion of clean transport are some of the actions carried out to achieve this objective.

4. Training and education

To ensure the sustainability of its digital sector, Monaco is investing in the training and education of future generations. Programs dedicated to vocational training, higher education and digital skills have been put in place to prepare young Monegasques for the challenges of tomorrow.

5. The development of digital infrastructures

Monaco is working to develop state-of-the-art digital infrastructure to support the innovation and competitiveness of its businesses. The deployment of fiber optics, the improvement of mobile networks and the creation of ecological data centers are all examples of investments in this field.

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