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How much does an E-commerce or Showcase site cost?

Combien coûte un site E-commerce ou Vitrine

The cost of an e-commerce site or storefront depends on many factors such as the desired functionality, the complexity of the design and implementation, and the quality of the designs.

Here are some cost items to consider:

  • Design and development: costs can vary considerably depending on the needs and desired functionalities. A simple showcase site can cost between €2,000 and €15,000, while a complete e-commerce site can cost between €5,000 and +€100,000.
  • Hosting and domain name: There are costs for hosting the site and for purchasing a domain name. Count a minimum of 100 € per year.
  • Maintenance: It is important to plan costs for the regular maintenance of the site (updates, bug fixes, etc.)
  • Animations and development: This will depend on the operations you plan, the number of visuals and custom layout changes and/or developments.

It is therefore important to carefully assess your needs and plan a budget accordingly to develop an e-commerce site or showcase that will meet your expectations.

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