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SEA is a powerful tool for acquiring new customers but also for "retargeting", retargeting visitors to your website.
Retargeting is PRIMORDIAL to increase your conversion rate but also to provide your customers with a tailor-made, relevant and ultra-targeted offer in order to seduce them.
Via retargeting, a prospect who has consulted your site will be able to find you on multiple media, which will lead him to think that you are essential... and you will be!

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For a strong impact

SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is an online marketing technique that allows advertisers to place advertisements at the top of search engine results (SERPs) when users perform searches related to the targeted keywords. The advantages of online advertising for a website are:

  • Increased visibility: SEA increases the visibility of your website by placing your ads at the top of search results.
  • Precise targeting: SEA allows you to precisely target users who are most likely to be interested in your product or service based on their search queries, geographic location, online behavior, and more.
  • Budget control: SEA lets you control your advertising budget by setting daily spending limits and only paying when users click on your ads.
  • Measuring results: SEA allows you to track and measure the results of your ad campaigns using conversion tracking and data analytics tools to understand how your ads are performing.
  • Quick start: SEA allows you to start generating leads or sales quickly, unlike search engine optimization (SEO) which can take longer to show results.

In short, SEA is an effective tool for improving visibility and generating leads or sales for a website. It allows you to precisely target interested users, control expenses, measure results and get started quickly.

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