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Extended Monaco: The Digital Future of the Principality

Extended Monaco : L'Avenir Numérique de la Principauté
Extended Monaco: The Digital Transformation of the Principality

Extended Monaco: The Digital Future of the Principality

The Extended Monaco program is an ambitious vision of the Principality to forge the digital future of Monaco. This is a project which aims to strengthen the international positioning of Monaco, improve the quality of life of citizens and propel the economy into the digital era.

A Plethora of Services for Monegasques

Extended Monaco is not limited to a simple initiative: it is a bouquet of services and platforms designed to transform the way citizens live and work.

My Counter

Mon Guichet ” is a major innovation of this program. It is a one-stop online shop designed to facilitate administrative procedures. Whether it's renewing an ID card, declaring income or applying for a permit, everything can be done in just a few clicks, without having to travel.

5G: Ultra-fast Connectivity

The Principality has taken a head start by becoming one of the first countries to deploy a complete 5G infrastructure. This provides businesses with cutting-edge connectivity, essential for future innovations such as the Internet of Things or telemedicine.

Funds to Stimulate Innovation

The digital transition requires investments. Extended Monaco has understood this well by putting in place several financial mechanisms.

  • The Green Fund supports projects combining digital and ecology.
  • The Blue Fund : a fund dedicated to the digital transition which takes into account Monaco's environmental challenges.

Extended Monaco: More than a Simple Initiative

In addition to the services mentioned, Extended Monaco also highlighted the development of sovereign solutions for data storage and management. This is a step forward in ensuring the security and privacy of resident and business data.

The digital economy is also strengthened by the introduction of platforms like Monaco Cloud , ensuring secure data processing that complies with international standards.

The transition to a green economy is also a focus, with initiatives to promote renewable energy and sustainability in the digital sector.


Extended Monaco is proof of the Principality's commitment to building a digital future for its citizens. Through these initiatives, Monaco is well positioned to be a leader in the digital age, while remaining true to its principles of sustainability and excellence.

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