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The rise of Artificial Intelligence in Monaco: Perspectives and Applications

This session highlighted current discussions, practical scenarios, and feedback regarding the implementation of artificial intelligence in Monaco.

Representatives from various fields shared their insights on the use of AI in their respective fields, including the Government of Monaco, the Princess Grace Hospital Center, Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer, and the Monaco Cyber ​​​​SOC Security.


  • AI only reproduces intelligence based on the analysis of a significant amount of data. It provides the most plausible answer based on the accumulated data.
  • AI must serve specific purposes whose scope is explicitly mapped out.
  • AI boosts analysis capabilities, providing rapid and appropriate solutions for common situations.
  • The terms of use and the boundaries of AI require strict regulation to prevent misuse and errors.
  • The origin of the data used in AI must be clearly established to avoid any risk of leakage or malicious use.

Many thanks to our speakers for the breadth of this discussion, allowing the audience to fully grasp the challenges and opportunities offered by this instrument.

Economic pillar of Monaco: Vision and Aspirations

The robustness of the Monegasque economy is based not only on judicious decisions, but also on its flexibility in the face of fluctuations in the global economic environment.

Key aspects highlighted

  • The inclination towards the digital economy in recent years, proving crucial for dynamism and responsiveness.
  • The solid foundation of security, extending to the digital domain with the emergence of sovereign cybersecurity solutions.
  • Momentum in the field of human resources aimed at capturing exceptional talent.
  • The commitment to energy autonomy with an emphasis on renewable energies, led by SMEG, Monaco.
  • Innovation in data management and conservation through sovereign solutions introduced by Monaco Cloud.

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