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Creation | Migration of a turnkey showcase website and optimization of natural referencing

  • Buying a domain name
  • Setting up an SSL certificate
  • Configuring a 100% Responsive theme
  • The integration of a tailor-made solution (online appointment making for example)
  • Creation of a graphic identity
  • Visual and textual presentation of the company and its services
  • Integration of licensed visuals and original graphic creations
  • Integration of an interactive map to locate the company
  • Display of opening/closing times and days
  • Integration of social media icons with redirection
  • Integration of a clickable phone number
  • Integration of a personalized contact form
  • Integration of a photo gallery
  • Integration of a navigation menu
  • Integration of an option to subscribe to a newsletter or other forms of email marketing.
  • Integration of the logo, legal notices and social media icons into the footer
  • Creation of a legal notices page in compliance with Monegasque regulations
  • Creation of a Privacy Policy page in compliance with Monegasque regulations

Natural SEO (SEO)

  • Audit of relevant keywords
  • Overall SEO optimization of the site:
  1. Loading speed optimization
  2. Optimization of visuals
  3. Original content optimized for search engines
  4. Internal network

Blog and Content:

  • Creating a Content Marketing Blog
  • Writing and publishing 12 articles optimized for search engines

Review Strategy:

  • Implementation of a review collection strategy
  • Creating a page dedicated to Google reviews
  • Creation of a personalized QR code which links to the review collection page

Google My Business:

  • Setting up a Google My Business account
  • Writing and publishing 12 articles optimized for search engines

Guide & Maintenance:

  • Video guide to how the site works
  • 12 months technical support

Monéga Boost & The Blue Fund

This offer was designed in accordance with the criteria of the Monaco Blue Fund, with the aim of maximizing the financing potential.
We support you in the creation and submission of your file until its submission for study.

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Do not hesitate to contact us for the constitution of your Blue Fund file, to obtain more information concerning our services, our support or to obtain your personalized study.

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